Saturday, July 9, 2011

Charlotte Garden

Okay, I love this garden.  It was designed by the architecture firm of SLA.  Charlotte Garden is located in Copenhagen and was built in 2004. It was designed as an inspiration to an agricultural landscape. The curving lines and contours give the space an organic structure.    Outdoor rooms are created through soft walls of grasses and mass plantings.  Round wooden picnic tables make the area inclusive to visitors (who are primarily locals). Throughout the year Charlotte Garden plays to the senses. The grasses take on different colours throughout the year and create movement.  Even in the Snow covered landscapes of this Scandinavian region, this garden showcases something different, small retaining walls preserve the snow in it's beautiful agricultural shapes.  The grasses house the crystals of snow and the lighting creates a magical evening stroll.
community focussed garden

rooms created through mass of grasses

wooden round tables all season

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